I would like to know your advise on what price to ask for my 1989 Rothschild. It is in perfect condition. The fill is where it should be.  It has been stored properly, about 55 degrees when it was first purchased for about 2 yrs. After that at around 45 to 47 degree.  What do you think? I live in Michigan.

ANSWER: Hi Lisa,

It would only be lawful for you to sell this to a merchant or via an auction house – and I think WineCommune will be the easiest route for your single bottle.

A reserve of $500 should attract bids and I think you could expect a hammer price of around $700, from which commission and other sales costs will be deducted of course.

Good luck!


———- FOLLOW-UP ———-

Thank you so much for the answer. I checked out the WineCommune and it looks like the way to go. However, what path do you reccommend, sell yourself or let them sell it for you?

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