I work in California and there was a notice posted by the time clock that stated if we do not clock in/clock out we will not be paid.  The notice further stated that we are not to remove the swipe cards (take them home) and that we will be charge $25 for a replacement swipe card if ours comes up missing.  Is this legal?  How can they charge me for something going missing that was never in my direct possession?  Also, what happens if another employee clocks me out without my knowledge – maybe because they mistakenly use my swipe card instead of their own.  How can I be legally penalized for that.  They did not have us sign any sort of acknowledgement of a new policy, this is just a memo posted by the time clock.  Also, I have to keep a log of my hours as I am a driver (paper log separate from time clock), so since I have this log that I have to turn in each day, if I don’t do the time clock because I forget or something how does that affect my being paid.

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