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I work in California and there was a notice posted by the time clock that stated if we do not clock in/clock out we will not be paid.  The notice further stated that we are not to remove the swipe cards (take them home) and that we will be charge $25 for a replacement swipe card if ours comes up missing.  Is this legal?  How can they charge me for something going missing that was never in my direct possession?  Also, what happens if another employee clocks me out without my knowledge – maybe because they mistakenly use my swipe card instead of their own.  How can I be legally penalized for that.  They did not have us sign any sort of acknowledgement of a new policy, this is just a memo posted by the time clock.  Also, I have to keep a log of my hours as I am a driver (paper log separate from time clock), so since I have this log that I have to turn in each day, if I don’t do the time clock because I forget or something how does that affect my being paid.

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Hello, my question is in regards to being salary, but not being paid. I work in a plant and they plan to shut down for a week and are forcing us to use vacation to cover that week. If I willing to work but they do not have any work for me, can they force you to take vacation? What about a situation where you don’t have enough vacation to cover the week? I work in Virginia and I feel like I found a law about this situation on the Depart of Labor website once, but can’t find it again. Thank you very much for your help!

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I work as a doorman in a restaurant/bar in California. I am paid an hourly rate. Recently all the employees were required to attend a mandatory staff meeting. We clocked in, the meeting lasted an hour, and we clocked out. I have been under the impression that if you are required to attend a meeting that lasts less than 3 hours, the employer is required to pay for the remainder of in time, up to 3 hours.   Is this true?

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How can I anonymously get the Regional Human Resources Managers phone number for the Pacific Northwest to call attention to a situation that I know wont be taken care of if I just go to District??

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