Thanks for the information, I think I’ll try to bleach some old models before I move on to the chogokin. For the resin kit I tried to glue them with tamiya cement but they don’t stick at all. I’m using white putty at the moment but it’s not working really well either.
Since you’re a toy expert I was hoping if you know did Nina (machinerobo series) ever release any toy in the 80s? Thanks for your time

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Question -
I was hoping if you know how to turn the age-yellowing plastic of models/chogokin into white and what’s the best way to stick a resin model (I use putty at the moment), thanks for your time.


Answer -
I don’t know anyway to turn back to white, unless you test maybe a bleach. And not sure what you mean by “best way to stick a resin model”. Do you mean glue or?


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