QUESTION: Wow, I hope this isn’t TOO closely related to the last question but I’ve been dying for an answer and I have not been able to find one ANYWHERE. I’m fascinated by a career in the branding field, such as one of the many companies of OmnicomGroup or Voicebox Creative, et cetera. My major interest is the creative design but I don’t want to limit myself with that as my sole major/family would kill me. What is the best educational/career path for someone who wants to get into this business?

ANSWER: Hi, Marissa

The entire field of advertising is a “career in branding,” so again, I need more details about what you want to do on a day to basis.

Develop strategic plans?
Talk to clients?

etc., etc.

If you want to be a brand manager – the person on the client-side who oversees the marketing activities for a brand, including its advertising – you probably can go down a general marketing path.

If you want to be an account planner – the person on the agency side who develops the strategy behind the brand – you’ll want an undergrad degree in marketing, sociology or psychology with a graduate degree in account planning.

The VCU Brand Center offers an account planner’s track. Here’s a link that may be of some interest:…

———- FOLLOW-UP ———-

QUESTION: Thank you for your answer! Thank you for the tip on account planning and your answer as well, it has greatly helped with my self-evaluation. I am based in California but I will look into that further as well. I’m not intentionally trying to be vague, (I promise! :) the problem being I’m having a hard time even finding out what these jobs are! I have been scouring websites, being fascinated by them for months.

From what I can decipher it seems that I would have to start at one of these firms as a graphic designer and ultimately move up to an art director? I am not sure what the title is. Ultimately, I’d like to be the person behind the table creating the jumping off point or directing the campaign. It seems to be where my gifts are at, figuring out the creative direction for marketing a product.

I am particularly interested in branding firms because of the variety of clients they work with (as opposed to working within the product’s company itself) and the design aspects. I’m just trying to find a major/minor combination that balances the need for design and marketing.

I am sorry, perhaps you answered this with reference to the “agency side” answer above, but I thought I would check anyway. This field seems to be very specific, so I have been apprehensive.

Thank you.


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