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I”m actually trying to find out as much as I can about the industry before I dive in with an idea thats been rolling around in my head for a few years. My question is can you give me a ballpark production cost for a small run of action figures (approx 5000 pcs, 5-6 inches tall, 19 points of articulation)? I”ve been hunting the web like a madman and there doesn”t seem to be any information. I”ve already got my prototype sculpting estimate and want to know what my other costs may be. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Hi and thanks in advance for your response. I was wondering  about the direction that figures went in the 80’s looking steroid enhanced. I was an art student in the then and I had a few friends who were hired to design proto-types for wrestler action figures. I wonder if the wrestler figures influenced or created a sort of footprint for later science fiction of fantasy figures? Or was it more of a cultural trend; Swartzeneger and Stallone influenced? What do you think? How did the figures go from 1970’s  lightweights to 1990’s heavyweights?

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I have been trying to ID a 5-1/2 inch female action figure for ages, and I can’t come up with her name.  You might be able to help and if you can, you have my eternal gratitude.  She is dressed in a light green tunic with darker green legs, light green wristcuffs, silver boots and a green helmet.  All plastic, no cloth.  There is a green ‘emerald’ stone embedded at the top of her tunic.  She has a blond pony tail coming out of the top of the helmet.  She has a dial on the back, and if you turn it, her head swivels inside the helmet and reveals a grumpy face [in other words, she has two faces].  She articulates at the hips and arms and waist.  On the back, she is marked “M.I.1984 Taiwan”. Thanks for listening!

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