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Is the number 48 a bad number for a home? I know 4 means death and 8 is auspicious but what does it mean when they are together? Thanks

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Musty House

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What do you recommend to eliminate a musty odor in my house.  It isn’t INTENSE, just a lingering musty smell especially when the house is closed up.  I have heard of using the mildew tablets they hang in boats to prevent mold and I have read about BioBreeze products to run through your house as well as air purification systems from $30 to $300 dollars.
We just bought this house a month or so ago and it had a little mold problem in the past that a company supposedly remediated.
There is still some moldiness in one corner of the basement so we’ve got a dehumidifier going strong.  What chemical do you recommend applying to it to kill it?

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