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Can you explain to me how a generator”s polarization works and what effects it may have on a generator?

In addition, what exactly is polarization?

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If you had a scaled down pair of helicopter blades (made out of something light, such as plastic), how many RPM would it need to lift itself along with 150 lbs? (about 150 lbs for the human, itself (lets just assume the copter was 200 lbs, so 350 lbs total), and if it had a 10 foot wing span? (So, how many RPM would 10 feet of helicopter blade-span need to lift 350 lbs).  (I know you would need to know how efficient the blades were at pushing against air, I just want to know the RPM it would need if it had an average efficiency.

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Hi Paul,
Thank you for your time. I am a senior in the IB program at Palm Harbor University High School, FL, and I am interested in pursuing a degree in aeronautical engineering. I am considering going overseas to the UK to pursue a degree, as that is my home country, but it might get a bit expensive, as I am not sure if I can get home fees, and might have to pay International fees, furthermore, I might not be able to get a student loan.
On that note, I thought about staying in Florida for my degree, so that I can take advantage of Bright Futures, and get a full ride. However, Bright Futures only pays for certain colleges, and they have a list of colleges that they cover in Florida at this link:
Do you have any recommendations? I am currently thinking about applying to UF and Embry Riddle of Daytona.
I appreciate all your help!

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