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I have a great idea that would help out with infants and toddlers. My idea is still in the design faze but I will have a prototype within a few weeks. I was looking into getting a patent on this idea but was informed that I am better off pitching to a company and licensing because the company will move forward with the patent. I assume this is due to patents being costly with a chance of no return. Is it possible to move forward with a company without first patenting my idea? I have also found that I will need to discuss this with a potential buyer under a non-disclosure agreement. Will that give me adequate protection against the company if they decide to take the idea and cut me out? Thanks

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I am interested in opening a high end suit and formalwear store in philadelphia, but I am having trouble finding wholesalers to reputable designers and brands.  Would you know where I can come in contact with them or know any off hand?  I appreciate any advice you can give me.  Thank you

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Dear Arthur,

I have questions regarding apparel business.  I have created a great name that resembles greatness and it applies to anything and everything someone wants to accomplish be it athletics, sports, profession, etc. The name is what I am focused on and want to place it on apparels.  To me my focus is that people are going to buy the name not the product.  My apparel idea includes athletic and active/casual wear that will compete with underarmour, nike, adidas, armani, true religion, seven, etc.  I do have some resources for hats, that is taken care of but I have yet to find denim manufacturers, shirts, etc.  After conducting research I have found that there is too many manufacturers in Asia specifically China, and how would I be able to determine if the quality is great since everyone suggest they are the best.  Also, should I also look for manufacturers here in the US?  I am starting out as online store and would like your opinion on that because I have an opportunity to present a business plan to a family that owns a sports team, NBA, that I became acquainted with.  Kindly advise. Thank you for your time and effort and I will be looking forward to your favorable reply.


Mike Meriden

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