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I am hosting an outside graduation party for about 50 people for my daughter next weekend.  Menu is simple with cake, (which is covered!) veggie and fruit tray.  What are your suggestions for veggie & fruit tray and amount?  No pineapple for the fruit tray!

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I’m planning a graduation open house for my daughter. There will be 150-160 people, mostly adults or older children. I’m not sure how much of everything to make. This is my menu please help!
Main Menu:
Chicken (was planning on ordering 200 pieces)
Italian Sausage with peppers & onions
Swedish Meatballs
Ranchero Beans (Like baked Beans)
Potato Salad
Tossed Salad
Green Bean Salad
Cole Slaw
Fruit Salad
Dinner Rolls
I will also have appetizers and a dessert table, but I think I have that under control.
Thanks in advance!!

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I am working on a 50th anniversary party. We are planning on finger foods.  What ideas/recipes do you have for things that I can fix ahead of time and freeze?  I do have a big freezer for storage.  Thanks.

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My husband is retiring from the navy after 26 years, and we are having the reception/party at our home after the ceremony. We have a friend cooking Ribs, and fajitas (steak and chicken) and he knows how much to cook for 125 – 150 people (Sailors). BUT, i don’t know how much other food. we are also having 15 people in our home for a week following the party so leftovers are not a problem, i am concerned about not having enough. this is what we have planned

party starts at 3pm
confirmed 93, 60 no rsvp yet ( but they are military and getting invites through the command still)
Ribs for 75
fajitas for 50 (50 each steak and chicken)
hot dogs 50
(yes its a lot of meat, but we are talking about sailors in texas)

what i need help with is the trays and salads. i have planned…
3 veggie trays, 2 cheese trays, 2 meat trays, 2 fruit trays,
potato salad and pasta salad.

HOW much cheese and meat should i be getting to make sure there is enough!!

and then the sides for the fajitas. how much tomato/salsa, lettuce, cheese, sour cream and guac should i have to make sure i do not run out!

The ribs/ fajitas will be ready to eat about 5 or 6 and most people will be at the leaving their house to head to the ceremony at 11AM and some even earlier so i have to have trays for the people  who are starving from  the actual retirement.

I hope you can help me, i would rather eat leftovers  for a few days then not have enough. again, 15 people will be living in my house eating for a week after, so leftovers from the party mean less cooking for me!

thank you so very much in advance!!!!!!!

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