Thanks ShiniGami for your response on Aome. If you do see Digger and remember, perhaps you can ask if someone at AA would be willing to take Aome questions at their Art Asylum forum. I am member there and check it regularly.

I am also a regular at a active LOTR site.  Where you involved with any of the other LOTR toy/collectible lines.  I thought I read you were with Sideshow for a while, on another Question.  Anyway, If you had any insight on any other line would you mind if I posted this site there for them to ask questions too ?  There really is a shortage on the history of action figures.  thanks, Tom

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Hi, I am trying to find out whatever I can on the Armies of Middle Earth series. I have tried contacting Art Asylum (and Playalong)as you suggested in response to my last question.  But so far no luck getting a response, which I guess is not uncommon.

I was wondering if you had any general insights on that series, what was thought at the time ?  Things like was it considered risky (the small 3″ size),was it thought to be overall a success, why did it die, etc.

I am basically starting from scratch, so anything is greatly appreciated.  Thanks, Tom

I don’t know, I didn’t work on this project. Who knows how high the licenseing fees where, etc.

Unless you find someone who worked on this project, probably no way to find out.  But when the films where done, they probably just dropped the line.

If I remember, and I see Digger in NYC in February, I can ask, but I know the project shifted to Playalong, because they had more money.

I remember seeing them in Hong Kong about 4 months before they finally came out, and thought they’d do good. Playalong didn’t show these in the Hong Kong Convention Center, they where in a 1st floor office in Kowloon.


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